Be Part of PokeHub’s Success

Why PokeHub?

Unique Menu

PokeHub's unique recipes and various menu items will lead you to a successful business.

Trusted and qualified food and service in local.

PokeHub's unique menu items and excellent service have helped to make this franchise well-loved among the locals. PokeHub's popular menu has potential to help maintain a healthy business.

Strong support.

For your business to be successful, we are prepared to help you learn the proper steps to run your business through proven training methods.


Steps to join us?

  1. Fill out the basic info and submit via below application form.
  2. A franchise consultant will contact you for the interview.
  3. Sign the franchise agreement.
  4. Welcome to the Pokehub family.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Liquid Assets of $300,000+
  • Minimum Net Worth of $400,000
  • Initial Franchise Fee $30,000
  • Initial investment will vary from $250,000 ~ $400,000 based on various factors such as restaurant size.

PokeHub Will Help Ensure Your Business Succeeds

Let’s Get Started


What are the terms of the franchise agreement?
  • There is one-time initial franchise fee of $30,000.
  • Moving forward the reoccurring royalty fee will be 4% of your Gross Revenue.
  • The contract is 5 to 10 year term with options for 5 additional years after the initial term ends.
What services are covered in the franchise fee?
  • Access to our sources and vendors
  • Consultation in regards to site selection and layout, assistance with interior design and decoration
  • On-site training (includes Restaurant Operations, maintenance and supply management)
  • Permission to use the PokeHub logo and Branding
What are the recommended guidelines for site selection?
  • Property of 1,500 SF up to 2,500 SF for a full sized dine-ins
  • Our team will provide you with a refine checklist of recommended guidelines to help you begin your search for an approved site.
Does PokeHub provide assistance with the site selection process?
  • More assistance will be provided such as introducing to our real estate partners if needed.
Who will build my restaurant?
  • Construction of the restaurant is the sole responsibility of the applicant.
  • We will provide assistance with the construction process by supplying recommended designs and layouts.
How do I acquire equipment and inventory items?
  • List of items that you will need to purchase directly from us will be provided.
  • Other items which you will have the liberty to obtain from a vendor of your choice, however those products will need prior approval from headquarters.
Does PokeHub offer help on the grand opening week?
  • Supervisor will be sent out to provide on-site training for the first 5 days of operation. Their objective is to provide constructive criticism and critical feedback to ensure you get your business running optimally.
Does PokeHub have a quality assurance program in place?
  • We closely monitor the quality of our service by sending a supervisor to your restaurant a few times a year.
  • The supervisor may arrive unannounced and will spend the day closely inspecting the restaurant operation.
  • A report will be submitted to headquarters for review after the visit. With this report we will be able to provide you with the proper feedback needed to provide guidance for your business.
What items are we required to obtain from PokeHub?
  • Items which need to be purchased directly from us include but are not limited to sauces, uniforms, and cooking utensils and more.
Is territorial protection provided?
  • Only area development franchises will be offered territorial protection, which provides exclusive rights to a certain territory.
  • We will consider every territory individually as we do not specifically define territories.